White Fillings

White Fillings

Tim Meskhi

White fillings are exactly what the name implies and the only real option if you want your teeth to retain a natural look once filled.

Not many people are lucky enough to escape the need for a filling at some point in their lives, but escaping the old silver amalgam solution is now easier than ever. Once considered less durable than amalgam, the technology is continually improving and is now at the point where white fillings can be considered as tough as amalgam, even for use in the back of the mouth where the stresses can be high.

Painless and quick to apply (just one visit for most treatments), the ubiquitous ‘filling’ can be one of the most effective treatments in the dentist’s armory. Why accept an unavoidably eye-catching (for all the wrong reasons) silver amalgam ‘blot’ on the landscape of your mouth when much more aesthetic options are available?

Not only are the fillings a natural colour, but they can also mimic the translucency and texture of natural enamel.

Made from a composite of resin and a filler (often silica), the material can be carefully placed and shaped to provide protection and cosmetic improvements to teeth that are either decayed or chipped. Also suitable in some cases for gap filling (diastamas) and used on occasions to replace amalgam fillings for either cosmetic or health-fear reasons.

On this last point, Dr. Meskhi will be happy to discuss the latest thinking on the need for replacement of old, mercury-containing amalgam fillings.

It should be borne in mind that white fillings may not be suitable for all situations but, as always, Dr. Meskhi will fully discuss and advise you. It is also worth mentioning that whilst fillings may be one of the most common procedures in the surgery, they still involve a high-degree of skill and even some artistry. Dr. Meskhi rightly prides himself on both and will be happy to prove it to you with stunning results.