Root Canal

Root Canal

Tim Meskhi

Also known as endodontics, root canal therapy is a treatment for infection in the root canal system, or ‘centre’ of the tooth.

Injury or trauma to a tooth, together with leaking fillings or tooth decay can all lead to infection of the ‘pulp’ in the root system which will necessitate treatment to keep the tooth.

This can be a painful condition and one that Dr. Meskhi will prioritise in order to quickly relieve the symptoms and treat the underlying cause.

The pulp is a highly sensitive part of the tooth that contains the nerves and blood vessels, all of which can be killed by a severe infection and cause pain, discomfort or even facial swelling. Root canal work treats all of these elements and can often eliminate the need to remove the tooth.

Modern treatment methods have transformed the science of endodontics and all options will be considered and discussed by Dr. Meskhi after a thorough examination.

Dr. Meskhi applies a number of different techniques to root canal treatment which will in any case begin with the removal of the infected pulp before thoroughly cleaning the canal and applying a medicated solution to ensure all bacteria are dealt with. Antibiotics may be prescribed where an abscess has developed. Filling of the vacated root area with an inert material is intended to prevent re-infection and to stabilise the void.

A tooth that has been subject to root canal treatment may be more susceptible to fracturing and a crown is sometimes recommended to help reduce the likelihood of this.

Dr. Meskhi has many years of experience of root canal treatment and his pain-free and extremely professional work guarantees a high percentage of successful outcomes.

Clearly, as with all procedures carried out in our surgery, your comfort and reassurance is priority.