Tim Meskhi

A dental crown is best described (and sometimes known) as a ‘Cap’. These restorations are placed over an existing tooth that has deteriorated to the point where its appearance, strength or overall integrity has been compromised. Once cemented in place the Crown encases the entire visible portion of the tooth and restores the tooth in both an aesthetic and functional way. Available in a range of materials, porcelain is once again the choice of preference for when a completely natural look is required.

As with all work undertaken by Dr. Meskhi, a full and frank consultation will allow you to discuss every aspect of the procedure, before committing to work being carried out.

So when might we recommend this option? Well, crowns are a highly adaptable solution that have a range of uses in the dental surgery. You may have one or more teeth that have been weakened by decay or a large cavity that has rendered the tooth vulnerable. Perhaps it is necessary to cover and firm up a tooth where fillings have left little of the original intact. Crowns are also useful in restoring a tooth that has broken or worn down and can simply be used to cover a discoloured tooth in order to restore its cosmetic appearance. Finally, Dr. Meskhi may recommend a crown as a means of securing a denture or a bridge in place.

As with all the work carried out in our surgery, a pain-free and comfortable experience is the priority, matched only by the standard of the end-result.

The initial consultation and a decision to proceed is followed up by preparing the tooth for crowning. This will involve painless adjustment of the tooth under local anesthetic. This allows Dr. Meskhi to produce a clean, tapered tooth that is free of decay and ready to provide an impression in dental putty that will then be used to fabricate a perfectly fitting crown.

During the one to two weeks it takes for the crown to be manufactured, you will be fitted with a temporary crown to allow normal functioning during the wait. Once ready, the permanent crown will be carefully fitted to ensure a comfortable fit that feels as good as it looks.

For how long do they last? With as much care as you would give your natural teeth (a matter that we are always happy to ‘nag’ you about!), we would expect a crown to last between ten and fifteen years and in some cases even longer.

Dr. Meskhi has an enormous amount of experience in this area of dentistry and he will be very happy to give you the benefit of it.