Dental Treatments

Dr. Tim Meskhi specializes in all types of dental procedures. You can depend upon his years of experience and careful evaluation of each patients exact needs, to provide you with quality, lifelong dental care.

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Tim Meskhi

For the permanent replacement of missing teeth, implants are a solution that provides a permanent fixing point for a crown, bridge or denture. Once fitted, these will be indistinguishable from a real tooth in terms of cosmetic appearance and day-to-day maintenance. Not even those closest to you will be able to tell the difference between the real and the not-so-real! There are many advantages to an implant; including, aesthetics, hygiene,Learn More »

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Root Canal

Tim Meskhi

Also known as endodontics, root canal therapy is a treatment for infection in the root canal system, or ‘centre’ of the tooth. Injury or trauma to a tooth, together with leaking fillings or tooth decay can all lead to infection of the ‘pulp’ in the root system which will necessitate treatment to keep the tooth. This can be a painful condition and one that Dr. Meskhi will prioritise in orderLearn More »

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Tim Meskhi

Dental veneers are the most practical way of producing that winning look and getting the smile of your dreams. Made of laminates of porcelain (the strongest type) or other hard-wearing composite materials, our expertly crafted veneers are permanently bonded to your own teeth in order to correct a number of problems. Veneers are the quickest and most effective method of creating perfectly proportioned teeth, the like of which occur naturallyLearn More »

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Tim Meskhi

A dental crown is best described (and sometimes known) as a ‘Cap’. These restorations are placed over an existing tooth that has deteriorated to the point where its appearance, strength or overall integrity has been compromised. Once cemented in place the Crown encases the entire visible portion of the tooth and restores the tooth in both an aesthetic and functional way. Available in a range of materials, porcelain is onceLearn More »

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The Wand STA

Tim Meskhi

For some patients, visiting the dentist surgery alone can be daunting without even having any treatments. So the thought of having an injection (which can be very uncomfortable and painful) can make some patients feel extremely uneasy and anxious. However, thanks to new technology delivered by The Wand STA (Single Tooth Anaesthesia), such feelings can be completely avoided with this pain free equipment. The Wand STA device, which Dr MeskhiLearn More »

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White Fillings

Tim Meskhi

White fillings are exactly what the name implies and the only real option if you want your teeth to retain a natural look once filled. Not many people are lucky enough to escape the need for a filling at some point in their lives, but escaping the old silver amalgam solution is now easier than ever. Once considered less durable than amalgam, the technology is continually improving and is nowLearn More »

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Tim Meskhi

Dental bridges, or fixed removable dentures are designed and fitted to replace missing teeth and are one of the most common dental procedures. Essentially a false tooth (also called a pontic) with crowns either side that lock the bridge into place, they can be supported by either your natural teeth or (if required) implants. The pontic itself can be formed from porcelain, alloys or gold, zirconia or a combination ofLearn More »

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Inlays and Onlays

Tim Meskhi

Tooth decay requires prompt, effective and long lasting treatment if pain, further damage and potential loss of the tooth is to be avoided. This is why regular dental check-ups are essential. Even between appointments, do not delay your visit to our surgery if symptoms or obvious visual damage become apparent. Used to restore decayed teeth, dental inlays and onlays may be described as a compromise between a filling and aLearn More »

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Tim Meskhi

Given that the first porcelain dentures were produced in around 1770 and that other materials have been fashioned into ‘false’ teeth since 700BC (including wood!), it is fair to say that this dental solution is tried and tested. Modern technology now produces dentures that are cosmetically and functionally highly sophisticated and will dramatically improve the quality of life of those who, for whatever reason, have lost their natural teeth. ALearn More »